At .edaM Studio, we offer six unique scenes carefully designed to provide diverse settings for your creative projects. Our all-white cyclorama wall serves as a blank canvas, enabling you to create seamless, high-quality visuals for photography or video. Whether you prefer a cozy living room atmosphere or a stylish cocktail bar setting, our scenes provide the perfect backdrops. With pulldown backdrops for easy transitions, our studio ensures versatility and quick set changes for portrait sessions. Additionally, our tiled floor scene is ideal for capturing product, bathroom, or kitchen shots with precision. For makeup application and preparation, our vanity section offers a dedicated space with all the necessary amenities. Moreover, our wardrobe changing room provides privacy and convenience for seamless outfit changes. Attention to detail is our priority, guaranteeing exceptional experiences in our meticulously designed studio.


We’ve anticipated everything you need for the perfect shoot. Whether it be a styled shoot, couples session, brand imagery, fashion editorial, campaign shoot, or family photos – we have you covered.


If you are looking for the perfect spot for your upcoming interview, brand promotion, social content capture, or full-scale commercial shoot, look no further. .edaM Studio will set you up for success.



Discover the ultimate podcasting experience at .edaM Studio, where the captivating world of audio meets the stunning visuals of our versatile studio. Unleash your creativity and elevate your podcast with our meticulously crafted scenes, offering diverse backdrops and immersive environments that will bring your podcast to life like never before.



.edaM Studio is perfect for corporate shoots! If you are a company that will be using a larger crew for your shoot or production (5+ member crew) we consider you to be corporate and additional fees apply.  In order to accommodate your needs we must learn more about your project prior to booking. All corporate bookings are handled directly with our booking specialists.



Need a professional photographer or videographer for your shoot? Let our team of professional content creators bring your vision to life!  Whether it be a styled shoot, couples session, brand imagery, fashion editorial, campaign shoot, or any other ideas you may have – we have you covered.



Are you finding that you have a need for a studio multiple times a month?  Unleash your creativity with our exclusive Monthly Membership! Elevate your content creation to new heights with unlimited access to our state-of-the-art studio. From stunning photoshoots to captivating video productions, our space is designed to bring your vision to life. Take advantage of top-notch equipment, customizable sets, and professional lighting to capture your imagination in every frame. Join our creative community and watch your ideas come to life month after month. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your dreams into reality – become a member today!


Aside from our 6 scenes, natural light, and beautiful furniture, we’ve got everything else you need to make for the perfect shoot.

  • 2,000 Square Feet
  • 14’ x 12’ Cyc Wall
  • Living Room Scene
  • Portrait Scene
  • Tile Scene
  • Bar and Lounge Scene
  • Vanity Area
  • 2 Constant Mono Lights
  • 2 Godox Strobe Lights + Triggers (Additional Fee)
  • 2 Soft Boxes
  • Parabolic Umbrella
  • Parabolic Umbrella Diffuser
  • Fabric Grid
  • 6 C-stands
  • Tripod
  • 4 Sandbags
  • 6 Clamps
  • V-Flat
  • Paper Roll Bar (6 colors)
  • 3 Apple Boxes
  • 2 Three-Tier Step Stool
  • Private Changing Room
  • 1 Full Length Mirror
  • 2 LED Illuminated Vanity Mirrors
  • Extension Cords
  • Rolling Clothing Rack
  • Full Length Clothing Steamer
  • Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker
  • High Speed Wifi
  • 3 Wooden Stools
  • Nespresso Coffee Bar
  • Mini Drink Refrigerator
  • 2 Dollies for Transport
  • Semi/Blackout Curtains for Windows
  • Kitchenette/Bathroom Access